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The converts from the East

From the field in Germany

Several hundred Iranian and Afghan refugees turned from Islam to the Christian faith and have been baptized in the Trinity Church in Stegliz, Berlin. Pastor Gottfried Martens says it’s almost like Christmas every Sunday. The pews are filled and some men even have to stand. The sermons are translated from German to Farsi. These refugees, who often face prison or even death penalty in their home countries, have found a new spiritual home in Berlin. Their numbers are growing by the day. So many have come to Christ, that a new church could be formed.

It all happened when in 2008 two Iranian refugees from Leipzig and Berlin visited the church. Soon others came through word-of-mouth. “Then the snowball began rolling,” Pastor Martens said. Today the community has 500 refugees, three-quarters from Iran and a quarter from Afghanistan. Around 350 have been baptized. The new Christians are unanimous about the reason for their conversion: Islam, they say, stands for violence and coercion; Christianity for joy, reconciliation and redemption.

Source: Gottfried Martens, published in Joel News International

A great way to reach out to refugees is through their mobile phones. A mobile ministry package will provide a refugee worker with 5 microSD cards with a preloaded audio Bible, Gospel materials and the JESUS Film in Arabic.

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